Welcome to My World 

Realize The World You Dream to Experience

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and grew up in Japan, Colorado, Nebraska and California because my Dad was in the Air Force. Being a part of an international world had a profound effect on how I saw everything. From a very early age, I truly believed everything was a part of a unified field related to and designed by God. I felt like everything was alive and talking to each other. 

I became pregnant at seventeen years old, and had a beautiful son, Eugene. I worked two or more jobs, while going to school, doing accounting for businesses and teaching as a certified Yoga instructor.


One of my first jobs was working for a physician and a hospital. I thought working in healthcare would be fascinating but I quickly learned it was anything but healthy.

After that, I worked as an executive for AT&T, Mellon Bank and as an Entrepreneur opening banks, venture capital firms, real estate companies, training centers and K-12 schools. I had two more fabulous daughters; Dory and Courtney.

Constantly studying success, leadership, brain science and happiness, I became known for speaking about how to overcome PTSD, and how to live more effectively in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness (Yoga=YOKE). I wrote a few Best-Selling books, met and worked on a project with Pope Francis and became a Windsor Castle Fellow. And I continued to teach Yoga. I returned to school to earn my PhD in Metaphysics with an emphasis on the Pineal Gland and building more responsible, conscious, wealth-producing business leaders.


I recently moved back to the Pacific Ocean near Santa Barbara. I feel so blessed as I have missed it for so many years. I spend each day learning more about Metaphysics and using specific protocols, energy medicine, plant organics and practices to heal people and animals. I consult with people one/one and with businesses and larger corporate teams to bring together more harmonious, and more abundant, life experiences.


A few months ago, I had an opportunity to accompany a friend to Costa Rica to help him heal from a shoulder replacement. Costa Rica is the land of "Pura Vida" Pure Life and I fell in love with it and its people. I am spending most of my time now in Jaco, Costa Rica and teaching an experience for AirBnB called "Concious Renewal of Seven Senses with Yoga and Nature."


I have a robust business called Education Resources, developing educational products, consulting, training and spending time one/one with people trying to do the same...that includes Jack Canfield, Young Living Essential Oils and spreading more whole-life, living.


My community is quite active doing our individual best to be our individual best. We all want to be the lighthouses for how people can live Pura Vida lives and influence every living thing, especially the environment. Consider joining us and maybe even traveling with us to one of our deep experience retreats...I am very blessed and grateful.